The Campbell Collective

I could not be happier to announce representation by The Campbell Collective, an online artist collective.

Styled by Amanda Louise Interiors & The Campbell Collective

Styled by Amanda Louise Interiors & The Campbell Collective

I’ve noticed art becoming more accessible to young collectors over the years thanks to social media. I really enjoyed the direct connection instagram and facebook have allowed me to have with my collectors and Interior Designers. What started as a simple “Hello” on Instagram has blossomed into a fun collaborative relationship with Amanda Louise Interiors.

They approached me several months ago with their idea for a new artist collective. I agreed not knowing how I would even create pieces that would fit into their model. The process was challenging to say the least. I spent about a month wondering how I would even produce the works.I generally find it quite difficult to work on a smaller scale. My energetic and bold brush strokes usually turn into overthought and stale expressions when I restrict the scale of my work (at least in my opinion). After trying and failing at a few smaller works, my process for this collection was born.

I took “failed” paintings hidden from view around my studio, cut them to scale and used them as the foundation for these small works. What did I have to lose at this point? These works were literally hidden from view so I wouldn’t have to be reminded of their existence. They didn’t have any other purpose at this point. I had already tried to paint on a smaller scale with it not working out at all. I bought a nice pair of scissors and began destroying. They had possibility again. Sometimes this sort of destruction is necessary in my studio practice. Things become stale when I treat them as precious or formulaic. Cutting them up felt like a form of rebellion. Freedom. I layered more paint, cut leafy silhouettes and began to assemble the pieces like a puzzle.

I am so happy with the result and also can’t wait to create more for this collection. I know the process will keep evolving and growing.


The Campbell Collective is an online marketplace of original art brought to you by Amanda Louise Campbell and Marquin Campbell. The collective begins with works on paper from seven different artists, created in standard frame sizes to provide an array of artwork for your home. New artists will be introduced each month, adding to an already diverse collection of works. Amanda Louise and Marquin share immense passion for supporting local artists and intend for this collection to spread that same passion to the walls of your home in a bright and colorful way.

Femaissance Auction

I am extremely proud to be included in this community of artists and activists. In the fall of 2018, I participated in Femaissance: Proserpina at the lighthouse on Camp Street. It was unlike any other show I’d previously participated in. The energy behind it was to engage and uplift the community. Thats something I can 100% get behind.

Femaissance has launched a Paddle 8 auction to discover timely works from the emerging womxn artists of New Orleans in support of Femaissance's mission to shine a spotlight on diverse female talent.

Femaissance is a feminist movement of artistry and activism, representing 50+ local artists out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Founded in the Fall of 2017, Femaissance urges that patronage is persistence, producing semi-annual "exhibitions and community spaces” that connect consumers to womxn makers.

Fueled by the power of female collaboration, Femaissance seeks to empower its community members to view themselves as both individuals and citizens capable of growth and making a difference.


“Winsome” 36x36in oil on canvas is for sale in the auction!


I painted two dark moody florals in the fall of 2018.
One hangs in Coppervine Winepub, as a part of the impeccably designed interior, and the other is up for sale!

Winsome ships from New Orleans and local pickup is available.